Dear everyone!!!!

Firstly, we would say thank you for choosing Hanoi Lotus Hostel. I wish you have a pleasant stay with us.

Our Hostel was grand opened in October 2016 and we are still improving our selves. After first 6 months working, we were so successful because we got the love from all our guests, they happy with the things we brought to them. They recommeded their friends to stay with us. All of us was tried so lot to make you fun at my hostel.

The purpose when we open the hostel that give you a good place to stay in a reasonable price. Our hostel was designed to give you safe, clean and comfort bed. We always try our best to give more more comfortable during your stay. We offer you free beer, free bycile rental, free cooking class and in the future, we will have more activities for you. We will do this step by step. Staying in Hanoi Lotus Hostel, there are no distance between guest and staff, no distance between staff and manager. We are in a family. We are the friends and brother and sister. When you come with us, I hope you to open your heart and share our joy. We always want to give you the best value of your stay. If you want any help, we are always ready. Any questions? No problem, we can answer for you if we know. Our staff is so friendly and helpful.

Because doing above, we got a lot of good comments from our guets on the internet. However, we still have some guests that they expect much more about the facilities or luxurious. You know that you will get what you pay for. Hanoi Lotus Hostel is not for Luxurious or Full equipment of facilites likes in 3 star hotel . It is a wrong choice if someone chooses Hanoi Lotus Hostel because of the facilities. We hope you read the information of Hanoi Lotus Hostel carefully before booking to stay with us.

About the tour service, it is not our main business. We just help you to book the tours or travel tickets. For sure we will have commission but not much (5%). We will choose the best cruise in the amount that you have paid. There are many tours companies in Hanoi with different price. Only the people working in the tourism service in Hanoi knows exactly quality of them. When you inquiry with us, we will do an analyst and help you understanding clearly what you will do. You can choose to book with us or with somewhere else. We strictly forbid all the staff to coerce or intimidate you to book the service with us. It is not our main business.


Once gain, thank you for taking time to read my letter. If you still have any question or need the support, please send us an inquiry to or the direct number +84 9345 85 135.


Your sincerely,



Hotel Director