Experience to choose the second hand bike to travel
Travelling by bike in Vietnam is a good choice because you can save a lot of money when you travel. Other sides , it is excited feeling and you can touch to all the places that the cars, bus can’t go for example mountain, small villages, waterfall..etc. However, you need to keep your safety by choosing the right bike. It is dangerous when your bike is broken on the way or even on the mountain where no one passed. A big trouble caused by the choosing by experience. Almost people travel choose the second hand bike to save money. We would advise you when you choose your bike. Hopefully it is helpful for you.
1. Price
There are many different price of the bike. I’m talking about the common bike non-automatic (would be cheap). The price of the bike depending on: brand, engine, working condition, functions, legally, external of bike and other. The price list can be considered as below:
– Honda China: price is from 170USD – 230USD
– Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki branded: Price is from 500USD – 800USD
– Honda Win China – Malaysia – Indonesia: from 130USD – 300USD

Of course this is our evaluation. Everything can be changed. You can have better price depending on your negotiation skills.

2. Check the external of bike.
When you choose the bike and want to check it, you should check following items:
– Frame: You just open the bike’s seat and look into the fram on it. If everything Ok, no broken, you can be sure to check the next steps.
– Shock absorbers: Make sure that shock absorbers works properly by press the heavy force, hold for 3-5 seconds and suddenly release. If it is very very quickly return and no problem, you can be sure to check the next one.
– Steering: make sure it is not bent, warped, without high side low phenomenon. Not loose and move easily.
– Wheel: Ensure the wheel is still good, the rims are not cracked, not peeling much, not warped. Tires are in good condition.
3. Check the engine
– Start the engine, keep gas in minimum and hear the noise from the engine. Make sure it is working properly, no strange sound such as “leick keick”.
– The engine’s sound must be continuous and immutable.
– Whole the gas for high level and release. Make sure it works following the gas moving.
– In the bottom front of the engine has cooling unit, it has 4 circle screws, you touch by finger into it while the engine is working. If no oil or wet, your engine is working good and the ages of the components inside can be longer.
– Clean the hole of the exhausted the bike and start the engine than keep it works for about 3 minutes. They you check the exhauster hole again. If it black, the engine is not really good. By that time, it is only blur if the bike is good.

Thank you very much for spending time to read our articles. Above information is following our real experience. Hopefully you like it and share this on your Facebook. Wishing you have a nice trip in Vietnam. It is excellent if we have a chance to welcome you at Hanoi Lotus Hostel.


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