1. To confirm the booking

The booking is confirmed only when you receive an official confirmation letter from us. If you book via third parties, you need to show us your booking voucher.

2. Payment method:
We accept payment made by:

  • Credit card: Visa, MasterCard. When you choose this option to pay, we will charge 3% total cost for transaction fees. If you pay online, please supply us all documents requires for transaction is : photos of your passport, photos of 2 sides of your card and fill, sign to the Authorization form. Only by that way, we are permised to charge on your card. All your personal information, we guarantee to keep it in confidential. It will be deleted after the transaction successful. We do not use it for other purposes or giving to the third party.
  • Bank wire transfer, Western Union and Moneygram. Doing this way, the payment fees are aimed by yourself.
  • By cash: it is the easiest way to pay at our hotel. We accept only VND, USD, EUR and Pound.

3. Deposit condition

  •  Booking for 4 person or lower 2 rooms: Deposit is not required.
  • Booking from 5 people or larger than 2 rooms: Deposit is required

4. Cancellation policies

If the booking is for maximum 4 people or 2 private rooms: Deposit is required. Before 1 day, we will call or email you to reconfirm your booking. If we don’t receive any respond from you, your booking might be cancelled.

Cancellation with fees is applied for group of guest with number of person above 4 people with deposit. All cancellation is acknowledge only when we receive an official email from you.

  • If cancelled up to 7 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged
  • If cancelled up to 3-7 days before date of arrival, total deposit will be charged