Thank you for choosing Hanoi Lotus Hostel. Day by day, we are trying our best to bring you a pleasant stay for your vacation in Vietnam. We will do eveything for your stay to be clean, safety and friendly. However, we are so sorry for the things we will say below.

We might refuse to serve someone at Hanoi Lotus Hostel with:

  • Have some actions that do not respect the staffs and other guests
  • Wanton destruction our hostel.
  • Racism
  • Theft
  • Stay with weapons, explosions, all the drugs
  • Some one who are being hunted
  • Fight with other people inside the hostel.
  • Be noted about smoking policies but still have many time try to smoke or fire inside our hostel.
  • Bring other people to stay overnight at our hostel without notice to the staff.
  • Some one come to stay with too smelly or too dirty luggage. In this case of this, we will suggest you to wash your things with very reasonable price, even free.
  • Some one has bugs if we discovered.
  • Distort,  seriously false talking that affects to the honor and reputation of the hostel
  • Stay without valid passport or ID card supplied by Vietnam Governmet, valid VISA.

When we refuse to serve, we will not refund for the remaining days you have paid. Also, depending on the damage, we will apply some penalties or we will send a report to the police.